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Hello! My name is Mark and I enjoy programming. I spend a lot of my time doing all sorts of programming, including game development, web development, virtual reality, and much more.

A Note For Lime
For our one year anniversary, I made my girlfriend a game. Oats needs to deliver a very important message to Lime, but he can't do it without your help. Navigate through multiple levels of tricky platforming to win!
BigNumber is a C++ class that allows for the creation and computation of arbitrary-length integers.
An open source in-game map/animation editor for 2D C++ SFML game development projects. You can use it to edit maps and animations in real-time with your player, physics, collisions, and everything else being rendered. This makes for extremely efficient 2D level creation.
Project Euler
I spend a lot of my time working on solutions to the Project Euler problems in C++.


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