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Hello! My name is Mark and I enjoy programming. I spend a lot of my time doing all sorts of programming, including game development, web development, virtual reality, and much more.

Current projects

Project Euler

I spend a lot of my time working on solutions to the Project Euler problems in C++.
Click here to see some of my code.

Finished projects

A Note For Lime

For our one year anniversary, I made my girlfriend a game.
Click here to check it out.

BigNumber C++ Library

BigNumber is a C++ class that allows for the creation and computation of arbitrary-length integers.
Click here to view the source code and download the library.


An open source in-game map/animation editor for 2D C++ SFML game development projects. You can use it to edit maps and animations in real-time with your player, physics, collisions, and everything else being rendered. This makes for extremely efficient 2D level creation.


CLion and CMake

Learn how to create static libraries and link to them in CLion with CMake.

3D Lagging Camera in Unity

A tutorial on how I created a 3rd Person camera in Unity that follows and lags behind the player.


Read through some of the work I've gotten published over the years.

Increasing Precision for Extended Reach 3D Manipulation

One topic I've researched in virtual reality is the manipulation of objects far away from the user.
You can read all about it by clicking here.


If you're feeling generous and would like to support my development projects, you can donate by clicking here.
Every donation that comes my way means a lot to me and any amount is appreciated.

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